Housatonic River Clean Up Logo
The Housatonic River Clean up all began with an idea in 1988. The cleanup began with the Trophy Chasers fishing club. The first year that the event took place, it was only open to club members. The second year the club opened the event to the public. Unfortunately, after a couple of years, the event was discontinued. In 1996, organizers tried to put the event together again but it then faded again.

In 2008, the Housatonic River Clean Up (as it is known today) was restarted and has become a community organization made up of members of various fishing and boating clubs and non-club members who use the river for recreational purposes. Our goal is to make the river healthier and safer for its inhabitants and those who boat, fish, and swim in the river.

Each year volunteers have removed more and more debris from the river's banks and islands making this yearly project extremely vital. Items that are pulled off of the banks and islands includes dock foam, dock floats, dock barrels (used as floats), plastic water bottles, docks, tires, basketballs, boats and their trailers, trees/driftwood, propane tanks, and many other harmful objects that pose a health risk to the river and its inhabitants as well as a safely risk to those who use the river for recreational purposes.

This yearly project is funded entirely by donations from individuals and local entities. Committee members are unpaid volunteers who are passionate about keeping the river safe and healthy for all to enjoy.

Keep Calm & Love the Ocean